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The International Production Network (IPN): All for one and one for all!

For those we met in the very early stages of Triality, the IPN won’t mean anything since it wasn’t in our plans at that time. Let’s explain…

A production network to produce the content written by Triality’s screenwriters

For the first two years, Triality concentrated its efforts on gathering screenwriters and cinematographers from around the world, which it grouped into 14 divisions worldwide.

As we grew, screenwriters started the collaboration process by writing movies and tv series, while management focused on branded content creation as well.

Today, we have more than 25 projects at different stages of writing, separated into various categories, some of which are ready to go into pre-production.

To progress these projects, we needed to create a full production network, which we started in Italy last year and have developed internationally, first with The Concierges (France, Italy and UK), then with Il Consigliere (12 different production companies worldwide) and now with our first musical La Cubana (a Canadian / Cuban collaboration).

Only the beginning

Creating a network is never easy. But, when it works, it means strength. This is the beginning of something that will change the industry forever as people from around the world will collaborate, in all fields of audio-visual production, while also including brands and financiers inside the group as decision makers.

This network will meet once a year to plan the strategy for the next one. By joining everyone’s knowledge (creators, producers, brands and financiers) from all countries around the world, we will maximize the impact of our productions, in terms of quality as well as efficiency.

However, the numbers of places per categories will be limited and once we have found our partners in each country / regions we want to work with, we'll close the doors to any potential new members, until we need to replace one.

Focus on individuals

This year, we will focus on individuals. We are looking for people who want to be part of the creation process. Those that consider themselves as their own business – not simple employees.

In Triality, we’ve adopted the individual motto: Do your Job. If we all focus on our individual skill pre-production and provide whatever is required of us, then everyone stands to benefit once the project is green lit/produced.

To learn more about the IPN, click here.

To join the network, write to us:


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