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Triality's Story – Part II

There are two distinct parts that have been played in Triality's history and soon to be three.

1- Triality before the IPN: An international network of screenwriters and cinematographers.

2- Triality building the IPN in Italy.

3- Triality completing the two networks worldwide.

There are constants in the three levels as, although Luc JG Bégin did start the company by himself, Simon Warne has been a collaborator for two years and David Gaillard for three (in other functions).

What really started the second phase was the Sicilian meeting of the whole team before Luc JG Bégin and Selene Favuzzi, as the Sales Team, took the roads in Italy for six months of going back and forth, living on few hours of sleep and conquering wherever they would go.

A Team in Complete Unity

It is rare to have a team bond so much in so little time but it is what happened with Luc & Selene. They would often, in meetings, be asked or told things like: “How come you guys work so well together?” or “I have to tell you: you two look like a postcard”. And it is that bonding that made it possible to build the Italian part of the IPN which is now rapidly becoming international. A company is only the reflection of the individuals that make it. And it is particularly true in the case of Triality.

When Luc asked Selene to join him in the development of Triality, he had no doubt it was the right thing to do. And there was no disappointment on either side once they broke the ice, one night in Rome, by meeting with Clefs d’Or concierges at Hotel de Russie and the Hassler. From that point on, they were already indivisible in the eyes of those they were meeting: They were Triality and they knew where they were going / what they were doing.

A Direction Felt through the Creation Process

As they took over the lead of the company, it was rapidly becoming clear there was a deep sense of direction underneath their approach. It is their closeness that enabled projects like Il Consigliere, The Ama Zone, La Cubana and “La Trialité” to jump ahead of others. There was a certain magic to what they touched.

One night, as they were having dinner at one of the screenwriters from The Ama Zone, Luc took on the guitar and, with Selene, they sang the very first song of The Ama Zone (Welcome to the Ama Zone) which had been written on the road in a magical place called Maratea. With Enrico (the other screenwriter of the Ama Zone) watching through Skype, the moment is never to be forgotten by those who lived it.

As time was passing, it became clear that their team had taken over the individuals. Partners were writing to them as one (Hello Luc & Selene) and they would answer as one in the same formula. The Sales Team had become a trademark of its own.

Time giveth and time taketh away

This part of the history of Triality can never be forgotten. Especially now that Il Consigliere is moving along at a rapid pace and should become the first international Triality series to see the daylight. The mark of the sales team on it will always be indelible. Those who had the chance to cross their way, will recognize something in it that they felt while they were in their presence.

But for now, the sales team has lost one half of what it was. Time, which became a rapidly disappearing commodity, got the better of Selene who, in the end, had to remove herself to recuperate from the fast and never ending pace that was theirs. We certainly wish her the best and hope she’ll find her way back.

For now, Triality is turning to the story of the Rock (Simon Warne) and the fast learning apprentice (David Gaillard) to sustain Luc JG Bégin in his furious race against time to build the largest and most innovative international network that the audio-visual has ever seen. But that story remains to be told in Part III…

“Welcome to the Ama Zone

A place you’ll call Home

You’ll never be alone

Welcome… to the Ama Zone”

- Luc JG Bégin / Selene Favuzzi (April 2019)


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