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Triality: What's in our name?

One compliment we receive constantly is: "I love your company's name". And, yes, the logo helps too. So we thought today we'd do a little fun-fact article and let you in on the origin and meaning of the name Triality.

This is a little known fact that when our Founder, Luc JG Bégin, started Triality, they were supposed to be three partners inside the company. Triality was to be incorporated for the purpose of producing Luc's first ever script called "Désordre". They all brainstormed in order to find a name for the company and he came up with Triality. One of the two really liked it and the other… not at all.

Lucky for us, our Founder is a hard-headed man and he said that, in democracy, two out of three is good enough. That said, both of them were to remove themselves from the never-to-be partnership within the first two months, before Luc ever incorporated the company.

So, what does it mean?

In mathematics, triality is a relationship among three vector spaces, analogous to the duality relation between dual vector spaces. Although Luc's mind is quite a mathematical one, no, the name does not come from there…

Triality stands for the meeting of one universe to a second one which creates a third one. There's something very destructive about it as they crash one into the other but there is also something beautiful in how they end-up uniting to create something new and bigger then the sum of the two. Triality is about something more grand than what each individual is inside our network: it's about the group. Alone, we are but a cog in the machine - together we can produce small pieces of art that reflect a bunch of worlds.

A belief

As you probably understood by now, our name is more than just something picked randomly. It is the belief in what we do at Triality. Networks are a difficult thing to build, everyone in this industry will tell you (they told us) but when we explain the nature of our network to production companies, post-production studios, schools, etc., they get it and they say things like: "You are the future of this industry".

The collaborative model has proven itself in many other industries already and applying it to ours was a great idea, albeit a simple one. Our name is the seed of that collaboration and, yes, we are quite proud of it...


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